viernes, octubre 05, 2018

Hello... Is it me you're looking for? (Entrada en inglitch)

The last entry I wrote in here was almost at the beginning of the year, and I barely remembered I had a blog to take care of.

So many things have happened since then, listing it would take me another full 8 months to do so.
To sum it up, I guess this is my top 5 of important things that happened:

1. I started seeing someone, only to end up disappointed (as usual).
It all started good, but I realized that his level of maturity was not the same as his age.
2. Lost 2 best friends.  
This one happened between the months of May and July. Again, disappointment at its highest. Realizing some people are not meant to be in your life "forever" can be as painful as hitting one of your toes with a table. Although, considering these "friends", I'd say hitting your toe would be waaaaay more painful.
3. Got a new and better job.
Goodbye buses, hi airplanes. I was so done with cleaning by the time I left SunMetro, that I didn't clean my apartment for a couple of weeks. But yeah... I'm now in a better place, safer (a little bit), and getting a bigger paycheck. Co-workers have been (in general) great, although my job does require much more skill than my previous job did.
4. Re-candled an old (not so old) romance.
I met a guy last year, but nothing serious had happened due to timing and distance. But lately things have been going great and I'm really into him. Hopefully he reciprocates the feeling, otherwise I'll be going into a men hiatus for a long ass time.
5. I adopted a dog.
I named her Agatha. I got her at the pound being all skin and bones. She was so weak she wouldn't even bark. After a couple of weeks, she started to gain strength, gain weight, bark, and I discovered she is deaf. Completely deaf. I love her to pieces, but I'm aware we may not have so much time left together, since she seems to be, at least, 13 years old and she's covered with tumors all over her breasts. She is quite a normal dog, though; so spoiled, sweet, and has a really strong, grumpy, character. She really is something else.

And well... I think those would be the most important things. I'd say I'm gonna be around as much as possible, but I don't wanna make a promise I can't keep (shameless, I know...).

Thank you for reading and still be around here. 
Sorry this was in English, but the keyboards at work lack of accents and the letter "enie".


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