Mostrando las entradas de octubre, 2018

Hello... Is it me you're looking for? (Entrada en inglitch)

The last entry I wrote in here was almost at the beginning of the year, and I barely remembered I had a blog to take care of.
So many things have happened since then, listing it would take me another full 8 months to do so. To sum it up, I guess this is my top 5 of important things that happened:
1. I started seeing someone, only to end up disappointed (as usual). It all started good, but I realized that his level of maturity was not the same as his age. 2. Lost 2 best friends.   This one happened between the months of May and July. Again, disappointment at its highest. Realizing some people are not meant to be in your life "forever" can be as painful as hitting one of your toes with a table. Although, considering these "friends", I'd say hitting your toe would be waaaaay more painful. 3. Got a new and better job. Goodbye buses, hi airplanes. I was so done with cleaning by the time I left SunMetro, that I didn't clean my apartment for a couple of weeks. But…